Door without walls ?

Yes that is what we do  everyday. We keep securing  our  doors with nice and strong locks. But where are walls ? We live in  a place where there is big  door which is locked by a strong lock but there are no walls around. We are afraid of uncertainty and hence we keep locking our doors. Whatever we do but life cannot be secure. Life means flying in unknown territory. Life is always uncertain. Only dead can be secure and certain. Security can give us more years to life but accepting insecurity will give  us more life to our years.


We go to work everyday even if we hate our job. We keep moving around with same friends even if relations are already dead. Why? Because we do not want to take risk in finding new friends.It is not future we are afraid of, it is possible worst outcome we are afraid of.  We stay with our fear of not speaking in public. we stop ourselves from writing, painting, dancing or singing. Why? Because we fear of losing our worth in someone’s eyes. We pretend to be happy so that we do  not  have to  take risk of losing our image.

Let us just examine if we are really  secure and risk free? In spite of taking so much of care are we really secure? No, we are not. What is under our control anyway ? Is our Job/business secure? Is there anyway to have secure relationship forever? Is there anyway to keep our image intact in  eyes of world around us? Nothing is risk free. Everything is uncertain.

So let us accept uncertainty as way of life. Instead of running away from uncertainty let us embrace it and make it part of our life. Most of our anxiety will go away if we know that nothing is certain  in life. We will live our life instead of waiting to live one day when things will be secure and certain.  Embrace change in our life. Develop confidence on yourself. When you think through any scenario you feel is very fearful, most of the time it is not as bad as you think. Develop skill sets so that it can be helpful in your bad time.

I insist you to go for change, get out of your comfort zone and live your life at fullest.

 Feel the fear and do it anyway !!

Prerequisite of Meditation

First of all apology to myself for not writing any article for months. Second apology to all my readers for being away for so many months.

I was out of my mind, literally. Now I feel I am back. I am sure it will be fun ;). Now lets talk about the topic. Prerequisite of  meditation.

I was reading a book on Meditation by Osho. One of my all time favorite. While i was reading this book i was noting some points on Prerequisite of meditation. Today, I am

simply writing down those  notes for you to  go through it as I feel that it  will be of immense help. Please keep in mind that these are not full notes on the book but just part of it.


Resolution at every night

First take slow  deep breaths, filling yourself up, filling your lungs up as deeply as you can. When you have inhaled as much as you can, continue to hold the thought “I will experience meditation”  and keep repeating this sentence. Then exhale and at one point you will feel that there is absolutely no more air to exhale but there is. So throw that out too and repeat  the sentence .Don’t be afraid. you will never exhale completely. That’s why when you feel that there is no more breath left in you, there always is- so try also to exhale that . Exhale as totally as you can and keep repeating “I will experience meditation” Do it Five times.

Purification of  the body

  • There should be no blocks, no complexes in the body, in the system of the body then the body is pure
  • Remember this “the energy does not simply evaporate”
  • Energy is never destroyed, energy never comes to an end.
  • To remove blocks and complexes from the body, once a week, for half an hour, you lock yourself in a room and let your body do whatsoever it feel like doing.
  • You have to see to it that new blocks does not develop.
  • Transform the energy of anger creatively.
  • When you are angry, contract the muscles of your legs (no body can see your legs) as much as you can, make them stiff, pull them as tight as you can. when you feel that you cant go any further, suddenly relax them. you will be surprised to see that the anger has gone and you will also be exercising your muscles and toning them up.
  • Energy is always neutral.
  • So to purify the body, old blocks have to be released and new blocks have to be transformed creatively. Those are the two preliminary steps and they are very important.
  • Physical exercise makes creative use of the body.
  • Creativity is heaven and destructiveness is hell.
  • So first, when an emotion arises, release it through your body in the form of any exercise. Second, learn to be creative.
  • Learn to lead a creative life.
  • Creativity means that you do something solely for the joy it gives you.
  • You can sculpt, write a song, sing a song, play a guitar it does not matter what you do, but do it only for pleasure and not as profession.
  • Do something in life which is only for pleasure. Some thing is not your profession. Then all the destructive energy will be transformed and will become creative.
  • Some who gives no time to creativity will be troubled and he/she will ruin his/her own life.
  • Anger is sign of an un creative person.
  • So remember this, that in order to totally purify the body you must try to live life creatively.


  • You will have to be careful about your diet and what you eat.
  • First, you should not eat so much food that your body becomes lethargic. Lethargy is unhealthy.
  • your food should also not make your body excited. excitement is unhealthy because excitement will create imbalance in your body.
  • You should eat enough so that the body does not waste away because that will only create weakness.
  • Lethargy is an indication that you have overeaten.
  • So remember this three things : if your diet is healthy it will not make you lethargic, if your diet is healthy then it will not stimulate you, if your diet is healthy, it will not make you feel intoxicated.


  • Exercise is absolutely important for the body because all the elements that the body is made of expand with exercise.
  • When every cell of your body expand you feel very healthy and when they are contracted you feel sick.
  • Excessive rest is harmful, excessive exercise is also harmful


  • Rest is a long, deep sleep in which the whole body is sleeping, all its activities have slowed down and all the stress that it has been under is released.

Right diet, right sleep and right exercise. These are prerequisite of meditation.

meditation 2

Tough time ? Heres how you come out of it !


Last few weeks were very heavy. Death of nearest family member,robbery at work place and sickness. Very gloomy and doomy days. But since yesterday I am feeling that now I have completely come out of it.

Everyone goes through tough times. Some come out better than others. So what is the secret ? Mostly it is to do with attitude. Here s how.

  1. It’s only a problem if you think it’s a problem: If you take any situation as problem, negativity will surround you but  if you take it as an opportunity to learn, you will get positive energy from all over. Sometime it is matter of your  perspective.
  2. You are not a victim : You are a victim in your thoughts, words and actions. It is your own mindset. No one can make you victim unless you allow it to happen. Abandon the victim mentality and become victorious. Change your thoughts, words and action and you will see how you become Victory from victim.
  3. What is, is : It is said that we suffer because we resist “what is”. It means if you accept things as it is  then there is no suffering. If any situation is not acceptable to you, change it if you can.  So there are two options 1) Accept it and let go of resistance. 2) Suffer by obsessing over it.
  4. Change yourself first : We feel that changing circumstances will give us happiness but its not true. Because we will be the same inside even in new circumstances. You can remain happy if you change yourself first. If you are chaotic and unsatisfied inside, outer circumstances will not change the fact until you are not peaceful and satisfied inside.
  5. Everything happens for good : If you look in your past, you will get proof of  it. Just have faith that everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. If you are not getting things what you want that means something better is coming.
  6. Focus on joy and not on pain : It is our habit to  give more  attention to our  problems, pain and on what we don’t have. Instead focus on  what you have and enjoy it. It is a matter of perspective. Make a habit of enjoying everyday. People feel guilty if they are enjoying as if it sin. To have fun is  your right. Go for it.
  7. Go easy on comparison : Ideally we should not compare ourselves but I know our  mind is comparing 24×7. Its ok to compare. But don’t take is seriously. Instead go easy on it. Try to compare yourself with under privileged. You will feel luckier.
  8. Things can and do change :  “And this shall too pass”. Everything changes. Good and bad times. It has never happened that bad time has remained forever. Just keep trust and it shall pass too.
  9. Anything is possible : There are enough evidence of miracles. It happens everyday. Healing of stage 4 cancer to survival from dangerous car crash. It depends on you belief. if you believe that it can happen to you, you have already won the battle.
  10. Appreciate the present moment : It will soon become the memory. Life only happens, evolve and exist in present moment. It is good moment or bad depends on with what you are comparing it. Live it or else you are going to miss it soon.

There is nothing wrong in tough time itself. It is  our resistance which makes it wrong.

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”. – Mary Engelbreit

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

Yes, and not may be


Life is a summation of all our experiences.  It is only experiences of life which prove that we are alive. More we experience, an intense life we live.

Experiences can be of any type. Cold – hot, bad – good, bitter – sweet, safe – uncertain, thrilling – scary. All kinds of experience add life to our life. It makes us more  mature.

We want to avoid bad or scary experiences. We are afraid of failing. Hence, we just say NO to changes in our life. We feel safe and protected in our comfort zone.  Days in and days out life becomes routine. Life seems boring. No change means no experience.

Today I want to tell you to say YES to life. Say YES to change. When you have the option to choose between routine versus change, I insist on choosing change. When you feel dilemma between GO or Stay. Choose GO.


Even if you fail by choosing to GO, It is better than staying and not experiencing anything.

We are bombarded with many pieces of advice (including these ones) in today’s world. Many rules, many imaginary boundaries, and many limits are built around us. I want to tell you to look beyond boundaries and limits. Rich are those who are rich in their experiences and poor are those who are afraid to experiences, good or bad.

Say YES and  not may be. Don’t be afraid of change.


Go out and embrace the change. Talk to boss about raise, change job if you are stuck, join health club, talk to strangers, create new habits, be determined to leave bad habits, speak in public, draw (even if you are ugly at it), dance , sing (alone if it is really pathetic, although nothing wrong in teasing people), if nothing else at least change your route to your work.