Reboot. Can’t? Ctr+Alt+del.

Still no? Unplug. Still stuck?

Forget the system.

Pickup Pen, Paper. Old school way.

It works.

Bloom. Grow. Move.

Yes to blessings.

No to toxicity.


Calm at heart.


My bad? My responsibility.

Uplifting? My pride.


Works at my wish.

Time flies? 

Time just flies. Really? How come I have not seen it flying. Not moving an inch. Not just once. Have you? 
I have watched everything else flying 

Earth, Sun, Moon, Trees and birds.

You, me, him and her. 
Child turns in old, plant turns into a tree.

Tommorow turns into yesterday.

Life turns into a grave.

Time does not fly, but everything else does. Even before we know, it changes.

Don’t catch the time, catch yourself.
If it looks so fast, slow yourself down

Like birds and trees, enjoy the ride.

Before it is over, hum the song

Play the music and you will see

Time does not fly. But we do.

I am Not Okay, You are Not Okay and That’s Okay.

Each of us are not happy with what we have. No one is 100%. And That’s Okay. As long as we are giving our best that’s okay but if we are not giving our best That’s Okay too. 

It is not the problem which is causing problem, it is our relationship with the problem which is causing the problem. Hence accept yourself the way you are. There is nothing wrong in improvement as long as it is happy starting.

Life is too short to be unhappy !

Door without walls ?

Yes that is what we do  everyday. We keep securing  our  doors with nice and strong locks. But where are walls ? We live in  a place where there is big  door which is locked by a strong lock but there are no walls around. We are afraid of uncertainty and hence we keep locking our doors. Whatever we do but life cannot be secure. Life means flying in unknown territory. Life is always uncertain. Only dead can be secure and certain. Security can give us more years to life but accepting insecurity will give  us more life to our years.


We go to work everyday even if we hate our job. We keep moving around with same friends even if relations are already dead. Why? Because we do not want to take risk in finding new friends.It is not future we are afraid of, it is possible worst outcome we are afraid of.  We stay with our fear of not speaking in public. we stop ourselves from writing, painting, dancing or singing. Why? Because we fear of losing our worth in someone’s eyes. We pretend to be happy so that we do  not  have to  take risk of losing our image.

Let us just examine if we are really  secure and risk free? In spite of taking so much of care are we really secure? No, we are not. What is under our control anyway ? Is our Job/business secure? Is there anyway to have secure relationship forever? Is there anyway to keep our image intact in  eyes of world around us? Nothing is risk free. Everything is uncertain.

So let us accept uncertainty as way of life. Instead of running away from uncertainty let us embrace it and make it part of our life. Most of our anxiety will go away if we know that nothing is certain  in life. We will live our life instead of waiting to live one day when things will be secure and certain.  Embrace change in our life. Develop confidence on yourself. When you think through any scenario you feel is very fearful, most of the time it is not as bad as you think. Develop skill sets so that it can be helpful in your bad time.

I insist you to go for change, get out of your comfort zone and live your life at fullest.

 Feel the fear and do it anyway !!

Happy Birthday  !

What a day !! Family, friends, friends of friends, friends of my children, children of my friends, each of them is wishing me “Happy Birthday “. I hope I do what I am expected to do. That is “to be happy.”

Today I want to resolve to be happy for the whole year. So the slogan for the year is “Don’t worry, be happy ! ”

I wish the same slogan for each and every one of you. “Don’t worry, be happy !!”

I am sure the path to remain “happy” is not that easy but who wants an easy path anyway? I know “Don’t worry” is easily said than done but who is afraid of failure anyway?

Let us walk on this Journey of Life from “stress” to “happiness”. Together.



I can’t V/s I won’t

I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t speak in public, I can’t do bigger business, I can’t argue cleverly, I can’t fly helicopter, I can’t take leave for 3 months from my work, I can’t write, I can’t cook, I can’t write codes, I can’t understand calculus,I can’t exercise everyday, I can’t control my craving for chocolate,  I can’t swim, I can’t be successful. The list of our ” I can’t” is endless. It frustrates us. It make us feel victim, It is both hopelessness and helplessness. When we say I can’t that means subject close. “I can’t” closes all possibilities.

The basic reason behind “I can’t ” is fear. We are scared of humiliation, hardworking and which is sign of lack of confidence. Without confidence it is very difficult to execute even simpler tasks.

Losers usually use the term “I can’t” as it allows them to run away from any activity without any responsibility.


So when I say I can’t dance what really I mean is I am afraid of dancing due to lack of skills or due to  fear of humiliation in front of  others. That means I CAN dance but I don’t want to dance till I learn by attending dance class to acquire skills. I don’t attend class because I don’t have time or money or it is not my priority right now. So if I can spare my time and money or if at all it is in my priority list, definitely I would had done hard work and learnt dancing. So I can dance but I won’t dance as it is not what I want right now.

“I won’t ” shows choice while ” I can’t ” shows helplessness.   It is perfectly alright not to dance if it is not what you want. It is perfectly fine if you don’t want to speak in public. I suggest you use term ” I won’t ” instead of “I can’t”.  “I can’t” closes the possibilities and makes you feel victim.

You can dance, sing, fly helicopter, write codes, learn calculus, exercise everyday, swim and whatever you want to do. It is different thing that you don’t want to.
cant and wont



Let us grow up !

Little hardship, little pain and one starts feeling low. Little sweat, some setbacks and we are already feeling depressed. As if we were waiting for such setbacks. For many of us fear is waiting just around the corner. Fear is dominant factor in our day to day life. Fear of rejection, fear of losing what we have,  fear of losing our worth in someone’s eyes, fear of getting behind of others and list goes on…..

When we were kids, we were told to be careful, not to take risk, be aware of strangers etc. Those were good advice for that  time. But most of us are still behaving like kids. Always careful, avoiding risks, stay away from strangers. Always fearful.

When we were kids we were pampered by our parents. Little scratch on our body and mom or dad will come and stand by us. Little sneezing or coughing immediately our food menu would change. To get attention of our parents (if they did not see us getting scratched) we would cry out loudest.

Nothing changed since we become an adult. When our boss makes us work longer, we want sympathy of our loved ones. we want to blame our luck. If business is seeing some down turn, we want to blame the economy (if we don’t find anything to blame, Chinese are readily available scapegoats). If we are lazy to hit the road with our running shoes, we blame our lifestyle and habits.

Let us grow up.

lets do it


How about Straightening up of our spine ? How about behaving like an adult ?

Why to fear ? If something goes wrong, why not look at it with grown ups perspective, learn from it and move ahead. why shall we whine about it all the time ?


When we fail in doing something, we are told to start small, to go slow, step by step etc because too much doing at a time might break us. Like someone wants to quit smoking, we will say do it slowly, if you are smoking 10 cigarettes a day make it 8 and then slowly 6 and slowly you will quit. But why slowly ? Why are we still pampering ourselves like a kid ?Why not face the problem head on ? So what if we feel ill for few days ? So what if have to face downswings for few days ?

Let us grow up. Let us face challenges of life head on. Fearless.


How about getting up every morning with fighter’s spirit. How about taking some risks ? How about coming out of our comfort zone ? How about saying  YES  to life ? How about not accepting failure. Not accepting NO as answer ?

Why shall we be afraid of working hard ? Why not give 100% of what we have ? failure is only failure if we accept it, till then it is always an attempt for success. Let us go and get our dream Job or Car or relationship or whatever we are dreaming of. It is perfectly fine if we fail, but it is at all not fine if we accept it as our failure. Refuse to give up. fight against the odds. Don’t be scared.

I am sure one day you will be proud of yourself.

Let us grow up !

You are not only unique but special too !


We are strange people, We want to become like someone else. We want to look like somebody else. Fat people want to be thin. Thin people want to put on weight. Those whose complexion is dark wishes to be fair. Those who look fair wants some dark complexion.  Short people are jealous of tall. Tall are cursing there tallness.

You know that you are unique. No one who has lived or is to come, ever has  your combination of abilities, talents,appearance, friends, burdens, sorrows, opportunities like you have. No two person’s finger prints are same. No one can grow hair like you do. You are UNIQUE. You are not like anyone else in the past present and future. You are not meant to be like someone else. God is so creative that He has made everyone unique.

Enjoy your uniqueness. You do not have to pretend in order to seem more like someone else. You are special. Comparison is a sin. As soon as you compare yourself with someone else you will feel sense of lack. It is obvious. You are unique hence you are special. Embrace your uniqueness. You can work towards health. You can be fat and healthy. You can be thin and healthy. You can be dark and healthy. You can be shy and healthy. so our goal is health and not to be  someone else. Health can be physical, mental or spiritual.

Someone is good at language, someone is very good singer. One can think clearly. Other can write well . Someone can feel more. Someone has better understanding. One is poetic other is more  logical. Someone is a simple being.Other is a manager. The whole world is unique. Each individual is blessed with uniqueness. When you believe and feel special you will feel happy.

Feel pride in being yourself. You are already perfect. Masterpiece. You are  special and treat your self with love. Be your best friend. If you think that you are not good at anything its because you have not  observed yourself closely yet. Don’t beat yourself up. Your uniqueness is special. You are SPECIAL !


Tough time ? Heres how you come out of it !


Last few weeks were very heavy. Death of nearest family member,robbery at work place and sickness. Very gloomy and doomy days. But since yesterday I am feeling that now I have completely come out of it.

Everyone goes through tough times. Some come out better than others. So what is the secret ? Mostly it is to do with attitude. Here s how.

  1. It’s only a problem if you think it’s a problem: If you take any situation as problem, negativity will surround you but  if you take it as an opportunity to learn, you will get positive energy from all over. Sometime it is matter of your  perspective.
  2. You are not a victim : You are a victim in your thoughts, words and actions. It is your own mindset. No one can make you victim unless you allow it to happen. Abandon the victim mentality and become victorious. Change your thoughts, words and action and you will see how you become Victory from victim.
  3. What is, is : It is said that we suffer because we resist “what is”. It means if you accept things as it is  then there is no suffering. If any situation is not acceptable to you, change it if you can.  So there are two options 1) Accept it and let go of resistance. 2) Suffer by obsessing over it.
  4. Change yourself first : We feel that changing circumstances will give us happiness but its not true. Because we will be the same inside even in new circumstances. You can remain happy if you change yourself first. If you are chaotic and unsatisfied inside, outer circumstances will not change the fact until you are not peaceful and satisfied inside.
  5. Everything happens for good : If you look in your past, you will get proof of  it. Just have faith that everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. If you are not getting things what you want that means something better is coming.
  6. Focus on joy and not on pain : It is our habit to  give more  attention to our  problems, pain and on what we don’t have. Instead focus on  what you have and enjoy it. It is a matter of perspective. Make a habit of enjoying everyday. People feel guilty if they are enjoying as if it sin. To have fun is  your right. Go for it.
  7. Go easy on comparison : Ideally we should not compare ourselves but I know our  mind is comparing 24×7. Its ok to compare. But don’t take is seriously. Instead go easy on it. Try to compare yourself with under privileged. You will feel luckier.
  8. Things can and do change :  “And this shall too pass”. Everything changes. Good and bad times. It has never happened that bad time has remained forever. Just keep trust and it shall pass too.
  9. Anything is possible : There are enough evidence of miracles. It happens everyday. Healing of stage 4 cancer to survival from dangerous car crash. It depends on you belief. if you believe that it can happen to you, you have already won the battle.
  10. Appreciate the present moment : It will soon become the memory. Life only happens, evolve and exist in present moment. It is good moment or bad depends on with what you are comparing it. Live it or else you are going to miss it soon.

There is nothing wrong in tough time itself. It is  our resistance which makes it wrong.

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”. – Mary Engelbreit

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

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