Younger self


Wherever I see, same is the scene
Lip twisted down and serious face
Everywhere is grievous sin
Sunk in an unending race

I agree, time is bad, all need help
then let us begin with the self
Seriousness is a disease
Replace it with sincere self

Our smile to reach therein
It should first spur within
Spread love, laughter and peace
Have your younger self live in

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

7 thoughts on “Younger self”

      1. Anil I have observed you write very positive things and at times I have seen you appreciate some negative posts, can’t we advise and turn them positive too instead of just appreciating.

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      2. I hear what you are saying. Yes, we can advise them to have a more positive perspective too. In some cases, like poetry, Sadness come out without the person’s knowledge and I think it is very natural.

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