Last wish


On a dying bed, when time will halt,

Dreams and desires will cease to subsist,

What will be my only wish and hope?

I want more time, I will insist

Why would you want more ? God will ask

I want to exist, breathe, savour my life

Spend time with my loved ones,

Slow down and be happy in life,

Aviate, roam, make friends, forgive the ones.

Oh yeah? You had whole life, All time,

You stressed, worried over riches and renown,

But now you realise? That’s all God asks.

I want more time, I will insist.

On a bed, lying flat, with broken dream,

Here I am with ample time, though not on dying bed

To live my life, Exactly,as it was my last wish.

I wish, I can live as I wished, in my last wish





Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

10 thoughts on “Last wish”

  1. What a great poem. Its so true, the words you have chosen to write provokes the thoughts in us. Why are we here? How to be more present? What would fulfill me and create the trinity of mind, body and soul into balance? This poem is surely a wake up call for many people. It certainly inspired me to reflect more. Keep writing Anil.

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