Big deal

Its a small wish, but a big deal
To be loved, cared and pampered,
Traversing your way, to be noticed
To be attended upon and adored.

Dawn to dark, all grind,
Toil and stew, but to avail
A small glance, little pursuit,
Sincere smile, a close wag

Having you makes me rich
With beside other each
Feels like joy and zeal
Its a small wish, but a big deal

Freedom over love

Let the love be dominant, not you or me
You and I have a life to live
Along this short journey of life
Let me hold your hand,
So, I am beholden to you

Let the love blossom in freedom
Make dominance stay behind
Let us clear our manacles
Affirm each other to fly like a bird

Let our soul, enrich with love
Let growth be our only motive
Let love be in life, also
Let freedom be over love

Heart over mind

Worry every step, the mind
Hatred all the time, the mind
Doubt at all, the mind
Fear and dread, the mind

Smile on your face, the heart
Touch of a child, the heart
Love in your eyes, the heart
Swag in your walk, the heart

Let heart rule over the mind
Risk all for heart, don’t waste on the mind
Make heart the king, let slave be the mind
Taste the life with heart, let be heart over mind

Younger self


Wherever I see, same is the scene
Lip twisted down and serious face
Everywhere is grievous sin
Sunk in an unending race

I agree, time is bad, all need help
then let us begin with the self
Seriousness is a disease
Replace it with sincere self

Our smile to reach therein
It should first spur within
Spread love, laughter and peace
Have your younger self live in

Life companion


You are my life companion.


It won’t be only a joy ride

Know it, It won’t be only smooth ride

There will be rough roads

Expect some speed breakers

Along the way,  we will have jolts

Expect some breakdowns

Sometimes we will go into reverse

But, I promise you, on the way

Even if we accept a U turn,

I will not allow us to enter a One-way.

There will always be a way,

You are my life companion.



Days pass turning into weeks,   months and years.

Life is in motion.

Unfolding events, one after another

Few moments craved with emotions

Rest unconscious, sleepy and in dreams.

I, behind my eyes, stressing,

To distinguish, dream in life or life in a dream.

The hustle and bustle of chasing the horizon,

Unaware, the boy turned into a man.

But still a boy, pretending as man.

Unaware, heading towards unknown.

Days pass turning into weeks,   months and years.

Last wish


On a dying bed, when time will halt,

Dreams and desires will cease to subsist,

What will be my only wish and hope?

I want more time, I will insist

Why would you want more ? God will ask

I want to exist, breathe, savour my life

Spend time with my loved ones,

Slow down and be happy in life,

Aviate, roam, make friends, forgive the ones.

Oh yeah? You had whole life, All time,

You stressed, worried over riches and renown,

But now you realise? That’s all God asks.

I want more time, I will insist.

On a bed, lying flat, with broken dream,

Here I am with ample time, though not on dying bed

To live my life, Exactly,as it was my last wish.

I wish, I can live as I wished, in my last wish