तुम न हो आसपास तो अधूरा सा लगता है
दिल पर एक पत्थर सा हो ऐसा लगता है
कैसे करू बयान किस तरह तुम छाये हो
ज़िन्दगी से निकल गयी हो जान वैसा लगता है

खुदा ने खुद को उतारा है ज़मीं पर तेरी रूह बनकर
किस तरह मिलाया उसने मुजको मुझसे
एक पत्थर पर रहमे-नज़र करके
मूरत को दी हो जान वैसा लगता है

तुम न हो आसपास तो अधूरा सा लगता है
दिल पर एक पत्थर सा हो ऐसा लगता है

Yin and yang

Let me tell you little secrets. Please don’t tell anyone 😉
To Him

  1. It’s ok to have a slightly bigger tummy. You can use the word “slightly” to your favor ;). It doesn’t matter to her.
  2. She knows precisely when you fool her around. She is cleverer than you think. Irrespective of your apparently original stories.
  3. Her love is genuine than yours. Believe it or not.
  4. She needs more of your time than your money or status.
  5. She likes to be seen and praised. she is  born with that urge.
  6. No. she will not understand your point of view always. So don’t try harder. Learn how to agree to disagree.
  7. Men and women are completely different species. Somewhere in history men and women went into different directions. They think,feel and live differently. So accept the differences. It is not an individual issue. It is a generic issue. Both are complementary but not the same.
  8. She likes your heart more than your looks. She is far stronger than you think.
  9. No, one plus one is not two, always. It depends on her mood.
To Her
  1.  He loves you more than you think he does. Don’t judge him based on how often he expresses it.
  2. He tries to impress you, all the time. He likes to be told he is the best. It boosts his ego.
  3. No, Love is not always important to him as much  as it is to you. His priority changes.
  4. He lives more with the mind than a heart. Unlike you. Don’t push him harder. He might break rather than bend.
  5. He does not like imprisonment. Catch him and he will escape. Tie him and he wants to run away. He needs space. If you show him you are too much dependant on him he feels suffocation.
  6. He is weaker than you think he is. He looks strong, confident and commanding. Inside he is fragile. He is less decisive. He is more dependent on you than you are of him.
  7. No, He does not like to spend money on your purses and dresses. In fact, he does not like to spend money on anything.
  8.  For him, sleeping on a couch and watching tv is more productive  than socializing.
  9. Please, he does not want to know everything in detail.
  10. Yes, One plus one is always two.

Unknown chase

Here I go again.
Chasing unknown, perfect life ?
On the move, Ignoring, overlooking
Flowers on the way,
Children’s chase, rising Sun
Tingling breeze, Mama’s face
Looking for oasis far away.

Right or wrong? Good or bad?
Wise or fool? Who has more?
He or me? Never ending chase of more,more and more….
Here I go again..
Chasing unknown…


Half asleep


From bed to shower, half asleep

I pretend to be awake, but still in hazy dream

while cold water is tapping on me

I have already started joining dots in my head

Today will be hard on me

ifs, buts, in case, what if, should be, would have been

non-stop chattering keeps me busy while

I pretend to be awake, but still in hazy dream


Breakfast till Lunch, Car to desk, paper hills,

People come and go, flickering of laptop,

Fading voice of human robots, ego in human form,

Gestures, winning,  defeat and long faces,

each one in their own world, unattached

black, small and curvy shaped, words on mobiles

like an emotional controller, stretching and shrinking eyes,

Joining dots in their heads,

ifs, buts, in case, what if, should be, would have been

energy sucker, minds, ruling us from within

I see people joining dots while I do mine,

I pretend to be awake, but still in hazy dream






Here I am

Here I am

Loudest killer of grammar, pathetic with punctuations

Worst at vocabulary

What do I do ? I don’t have any choice.

Heart is full. Emotions are overflowing

Love  laughter and compassion are at peak


Helpless, knocking at your heart

With poetry

Here I am

To stay  with you, forever.

Attitude of gratitude !

Today’s reasons to be grateful.

I am alive. I am breathing. What  on earth did I do to earn this breath? God knows. I can feel each breath. I am grateful to mother nature.

I feel I am being loved. My friends and family are so generous. Despite of my flaws they keep loving me. I am grateful to them.

Who are these Musicians ? They are such lovely people. Today when I was listening to a song, my heart danced with joy. For 4 min and 57 seconds I was in a different world. I am grateful to the Musicians.

I don’t know why my comfort is being taken care of ? My bed, my pillow, infact the whole house, car, a/c of my car, roads, traffic rules, co traveller who allows me to pass by, parking zones and bright sunny day. As if everyone and everything is made to make me comfortable. I am grateful to everyone and everything.

My food was so delicious. All those who helped to make it so, are marvelous people. Farmers, laborers, traders, manufacturers, transporters, grocist, my wife who made it and our maid who helped. Food was made exactly the way I wanted it. I am grateful to all of them.

Thank you all !!