A small note to all women out there


You should celebrate today.

You can dance you can sing. You take all sorrow of others and your own and make it go  away like  magic.

You can cry and you can laugh. Although sorrow drips through corner of your eyes.

You have heart full of love. Real love. A four  letter word with which universe is made up of.

Your smile can light up anything. Your tinkling eyes can brighten up everything.

You are so caring. You are so loving.You are gorgeous. You are gracious. You are beautiful.

You are full of energy. Your will can move mountains.

You are softer than feather and tougher than steel.

You can feel. You live with emotions. You can forgive. You never forget.

You have patience. You can wait till eternity.

You can impress. You can express. You are deeper than ocean and higher than sky.

You are a mystery.

You love. You lose. You still love.

You are God’s supreme creation. You too create. You give birth.

You are a woman.

You should celebrate today.



Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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