Different Angle- MBWA (Managment by walking around)

I am amazed how seeing things from different angle can change how we think.

Let me tell you how.

I was doing some research( obviously on internet )  on a new business opportunity i want to capture. I had made up my mind that it was not worth it. Just to make sure, today, I came to South Africa to see it in person how that business is being done over here.

I am so surprised to know that I was completely wrong. Now I know the difference between 2D (internet ) and 3D ( getting up from chair and bringing my ass out in reality). This additional Dimension has made the huge difference.

stop sitting

Judging your business by reports, I call it 2D (papers and reports), while going out and talking to your client, suppliers and people is 3D( in person) makes huge difference in how you measure your business. We call it MBWA (Management by walking around).

So the trick is “Quit sitting” (like smoking, drinking, or even shitting 😉 and start moving.

managment by walking

It will change how we see things. Our perspective will change.

So break routines, don’t just rely on internet, Start walking around and I am sure we will do some better management.




Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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