Different Angle- MBWA (Managment by walking around)

I am amazed how seeing things from different angle can change how we think.

Let me tell you how.

I was doing some research( obviously on internet )  on a new business opportunity i want to capture. I had made up my mind that it was not worth it. Just to make sure, today, I came to South Africa to see it in person how that business is being done over here.

I am so surprised to know that I was completely wrong. Now I know the difference between 2D (internet ) and 3D ( getting up from chair and bringing my ass out in reality). This additional Dimension has made the huge difference.

stop sitting

Judging your business by reports, I call it 2D (papers and reports), while going out and talking to your client, suppliers and people is 3D( in person) makes huge difference in how you measure your business. We call it MBWA (Management by walking around).

So the trick is “Quit sitting” (like smoking, drinking, or even shitting 😉 and start moving.

managment by walking

It will change how we see things. Our perspective will change.

So break routines, don’t just rely on internet, Start walking around and I am sure we will do some better management.




Let us grow up !

Little hardship, little pain and one starts feeling low. Little sweat, some setbacks and we are already feeling depressed. As if we were waiting for such setbacks. For many of us fear is waiting just around the corner. Fear is dominant factor in our day to day life. Fear of rejection, fear of losing what we have,  fear of losing our worth in someone’s eyes, fear of getting behind of others and list goes on…..

When we were kids, we were told to be careful, not to take risk, be aware of strangers etc. Those were good advice for that  time. But most of us are still behaving like kids. Always careful, avoiding risks, stay away from strangers. Always fearful.

When we were kids we were pampered by our parents. Little scratch on our body and mom or dad will come and stand by us. Little sneezing or coughing immediately our food menu would change. To get attention of our parents (if they did not see us getting scratched) we would cry out loudest.

Nothing changed since we become an adult. When our boss makes us work longer, we want sympathy of our loved ones. we want to blame our luck. If business is seeing some down turn, we want to blame the economy (if we don’t find anything to blame, Chinese are readily available scapegoats). If we are lazy to hit the road with our running shoes, we blame our lifestyle and habits.

Let us grow up.

lets do it


How about Straightening up of our spine ? How about behaving like an adult ?

Why to fear ? If something goes wrong, why not look at it with grown ups perspective, learn from it and move ahead. why shall we whine about it all the time ?


When we fail in doing something, we are told to start small, to go slow, step by step etc because too much doing at a time might break us. Like someone wants to quit smoking, we will say do it slowly, if you are smoking 10 cigarettes a day make it 8 and then slowly 6 and slowly you will quit. But why slowly ? Why are we still pampering ourselves like a kid ?Why not face the problem head on ? So what if we feel ill for few days ? So what if have to face downswings for few days ?

Let us grow up. Let us face challenges of life head on. Fearless.


How about getting up every morning with fighter’s spirit. How about taking some risks ? How about coming out of our comfort zone ? How about saying  YES  to life ? How about not accepting failure. Not accepting NO as answer ?

Why shall we be afraid of working hard ? Why not give 100% of what we have ? failure is only failure if we accept it, till then it is always an attempt for success. Let us go and get our dream Job or Car or relationship or whatever we are dreaming of. It is perfectly fine if we fail, but it is at all not fine if we accept it as our failure. Refuse to give up. fight against the odds. Don’t be scared.

I am sure one day you will be proud of yourself.

Let us grow up !