I know I am confused

I am confused

Am I living a dream or dreaming a life?

I work whole day leaving all fun aside so that I can have fun some day?

I ignore love from people around me while I seek love from people far away?

What I see I don’t believe while what I believe I don’t see?

I eat to live or do I live to eat?

I ignore hungry eyes passing by my side while I am busy in charity?

Every day I refuse and then refuse and then again I refuse but what?

As day passes I insist and then again I insist

I am confused

I see flux of energy arising but where all this energy come from

Where does it go back? Why?

I feel huge waves of emotions and then why I feel emptiness?

I am confused

But a tingling light pass through me and makes me happy that I know

I am confused


Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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