Yes, and not may be


Life is a summation of all our experiences.  It is only experiences of life which prove that we are alive. More we experience, an intense life we live.

Experiences can be of any type. Cold – hot, bad – good, bitter – sweet, safe – uncertain, thrilling – scary. All kinds of experience add life to our life. It makes us more  mature.

We want to avoid bad or scary experiences. We are afraid of failing. Hence, we just say NO to changes in our life. We feel safe and protected in our comfort zone.  Days in and days out life becomes routine. Life seems boring. No change means no experience.

Today I want to tell you to say YES to life. Say YES to change. When you have the option to choose between routine versus change, I insist on choosing change. When you feel dilemma between GO or Stay. Choose GO.


Even if you fail by choosing to GO, It is better than staying and not experiencing anything.

We are bombarded with many pieces of advice (including these ones) in today’s world. Many rules, many imaginary boundaries, and many limits are built around us. I want to tell you to look beyond boundaries and limits. Rich are those who are rich in their experiences and poor are those who are afraid to experiences, good or bad.

Say YES and  not may be. Don’t be afraid of change.


Go out and embrace the change. Talk to boss about raise, change job if you are stuck, join health club, talk to strangers, create new habits, be determined to leave bad habits, speak in public, draw (even if you are ugly at it), dance , sing (alone if it is really pathetic, although nothing wrong in teasing people), if nothing else at least change your route to your work.

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

8 thoughts on “Yes, and not may be”

  1. Hello Anil Ji , just to let you know that I got this article in my email at a time when I was taking a very important decision of my life. Honestly after reading this article my mind re confirmed that I am on the right track ! God Bless You All !

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    1. Hi Vinay, thank you for your kind words. I am sure you will have lot of success in your new decision and above all you will become more mature. All the best.


  2. wow!! very inspiring.
    after reading this article i feel very good, heart filled with joy and happiness.
    one of the best article in your blog.
    Anil Sir, thank you so much for this wonderful article.

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  3. I m facing difficulty to adjust changes in my life but this article will boost me to embrace the changes of my life. Thanks for inspiring.

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