Dont blame the circumstances


Take full responsibility of your life. (don’t be shocked, I am not saying to take responsibility of other’s life). Are you over weight? Are you struggling to make money ? Are you bad in communication ? Are you struggling in your relationship ? Are you hating your job ? Start taking responsibility. What will happen ? By admitting that you are responsible for your circumstance you are taking charge of it. Now you are the pilot of your life.


Its very easy to blame the circumstance and escape from your responsibility. You can say what can I do my parents are obese so may be it is in my genes to be overweight. Very convenient. By thinking like this who is going to lose ? Who is going to suffer from all diseases ? Obviously you. Why not scrap such belief and start working out ? why not learn about healthy eating ? Why not take responsibility and move yourself a little bit more ?


Struggling to make money ? you would say I did not studied well, I had responsibility of my family at very early age or I tried my best but economy is down what can I do ? Well, here is the key. Take responsibility. There can be many reasons. You don’t have enough desire to make money or you believe that you can not make more money. You are blaming circumstances for your life. Just look around and you will find plenty of examples of uneducated, raised in poor family, people with very limited IQ are making millions.

As you are now taking responsibility of your life you can now take credit for all your achievements too.  It has to be in both way. Are you making good money ? Are you healthy ? Are you keeping your relationship very fresh ? Take credit of it. Be proud of it.

Don’t underestimate your strength. Difference between you  and your dream is only your mindset. Your belief.


Go out and get it. Its all yours.

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

3 thoughts on “Dont blame the circumstances”

  1. Keyword in this article that hit me the most is “Responsibility”. Responsibility can’t be assigned and resposiblility gives u power also. Be responsible and be powerful in all phases of life. Very much inspirational article indeed..

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