The magic formula to de-stress.

We have limited energy in our body. Most of it is being utilized by constant thinking. We keep thinking 24/7 (Yes even when we are asleep, in the form of dreams). Even with minimum physical activity too we feel tired and exhausted. The reason is that our energy is being spent in thinking.

If we analyze, most of our thoughts are not required. Past and future are also thoughts. So is there any way to stop thinking ? No.

We can not stop thinking. We can only do something in place of thinking. Be in present moment. Like you can not remove darkness from the room but you can bring light instead. Darkness will disappear automatically. As soon as we become aware of present moment, thinking slows down. More aware we become, less thoughts will come to your mind. Awareness and thinking can not go together.

So what is awareness ?

You can call it attention, focus, Dhyan or mindfulness.

Normally, all of our activities are autonomous. Very little attention is required. Walking, driving, eating, talking etc are done without our attention or with very little attention. In the background, our thinking process is taking all our attention. Any activity which is done first time takes lot of attention. Imagine you are learning to drive. You will give full attention. As soon as you know how to drive very less attention is required. It is same with all activities.

How do we bring mindfulness in all our activities ?

  1. Anything you do, do it slowly.
  2. Be aware of all your physical activities. like, if you are washing your hands, look at water, soap. feel the water touching your hand. be aware of smell of soap.  if you are driving, feel the steering wheel. look around and feel the speed. If you are walking, feel your legs moving, feel the steps, air surrounding your body. Be in the moment. If you are just sitting, watch your breath, feel it at your nose then it moves inside and touches your lungs. Stay with it. While eating, accompany the whole activity. Touch the food, see it moving in your hand, again touch it in your mouth, be aware while chewing it, feel it when it goes inside your stomach.
  3. It will come with practice. It may take months or years.

What are the benefits if you be mindful?

  1. You will be at peace.
  2. Your thinking will reduce.
  3. You will be more energetic,
  4. You will worry less. Less worry, less stress to your mind and body.
  5. You will do focused thinking. It means you will be able to divert all your energy to the topic for which you want to think. Hence wonderful and intelligent outcomes.
  6. As you become aware of your physical activity, you will be able to be aware of your thoughts too.
  7. All of our negative emotions and thoughts are reason of our unawareness. Once we become aware of it, less anger, greed, hatred, jealousy etc will occur to us.

Start small.  No need to rush. Everyday 5 minutes, sit in meditation. Sit straight. Be aware of your breath. stay with it. You will lose your attention, you will start thinking. It’s ok. Gently come back. Again give attention to your breath. If you are successful in 5 minutes, make it 10 minutes.

During the day practice more mindfulness. Mindfulness is meditation while you are active.


Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

2 thoughts on “The magic formula to de-stress.”

  1. Thanks for sharing so much useful information ! Hope to get such precious gems in the future too. God Bless U. Regards-Vinay


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