Zen sharp focus


Is your “to do list” getting bigger and bigger? Do you feel that still there is a lot more to be done and very less is being done? Smile :), you are not alone. We all are sailing in the same boat.

We feel that whatever we have just done is not yet complete. It is half done as some new work has come up. In this crazy and fast moving world we feel as if we are left behind. While we are not yet content with what is going on, we see someone getting new degree, new car, making more money, building new house etc,. We add few more to do’s in our list. Our “to do list” is never ending. Our content level is dropping.

While we have these wishes, desires and hopes, it seems that we are hardly reaching to the finish line of any. Facebook, surfing through web oceans, emails, twitter, blogs, chat on whatsapp, social media, Blackberry’s blinking light, the list of distractions are endless.

So lets admit that we have lot of distractions in our life and due to that we achieve very little.

When walking, walk. When eating, eat.- Zen proverb

 Zen monks are well known for their focus, simplicity and command over them selves. While reading on Zen, I have learnt few tips. I will share few of them which has worked for me :

  1. Simplify, simplify and simplify :  When we are surrounded by too many “to do’s “, our life becomes complex. Solution lies in simplification.  Review each task carefully. Choose only most important tasks. Prioritize. Remove those which do not align with your yearly goals. The idea is to focus on those things which matters the most. Lesser tasks means more time to focus  on important tasks.
  2. Is it necessary ? Every time you take any task in hand. Reflect. Is it necessary ?  Imagine you are working in your office and you get a call. Think before taking the call. Is it necessary ? Can it be done later ? You see new car passing. You liked it. Now this idea keeps coming in your mind to obtain it. Reflect. Is it necessary ?
  3. One task at a time : The reason for very less done is we do not have sharp focus. We multitask. Meetings, calls, deadlines, facebook, twitter, emails, whatsapp all are attacking us simultaneously. Choose three most important task each day. The trick is to clear your mind from worrying about the sheer volume of your tasks and focus on one task at a time. It’s best to start AND finish 3 things than start and not finish 20
  4. Commit to it : Now, once you have picked your tasks for the day, commit to it. Don’t change your priorities during the day, don’t take on more tasks to complete ‘in between’ and don’t even think about the mountain of things you have to do after these 3 tasks. Focus.
  5. First thing first : Do not start another task as long as you haven’t completed the first.

 Focus on being productive instead of busy- Timothy Ferriss

Happy focusing  !

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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