4 things you can do when you lack self discipline

We need self discipline to do everything (Yes, you heard right, everything. Even to get out of bed at right time). To  get into Fitness habits, eating right, to be focused, to work effectively, to progress in our projects, to maintain healthy relations, to sleep and wakeup early, to de clutter , to grow and many  more aspects of  our life.

So here are 4 things which has worked for me :

  1. Don’t beat up  yourself : You may fail in your discipline. So what ? Its ok. Don’t think you are not worthy.It will lead to a mindset that you are a failure. Self discipline is just a  habit. which you can create like any other habits.
  2. The right thing is motivation : We believe that self discipline means pushing yourself to do things which you don’t want to do. We hate those kind of activities. How can we get any benefit doing things we hate ? so first of all find out whether the activity  you want to do, is worth doing it ? if yes ,then find out why ? Do you have enough motivation to do such activity ? Don’t push yourself to do things, instead, let things to pull you towards it. Right motivation can lead you effortlessly towards your goal. Understand the “Why” first. Gather enough reasons. Focus on motivation rather than discipline.
  3. Start small : We often jump start out of enthusiasm. Lets take example of eating right. Imagine you start your diet on first day with only vegetables, fruits, whole grain, milk, low calories etc. How many days this diet will sustain? a weak ? May be. Instead, start small. Add salads to your meals for few days. Then cut down red meat for days. Like meatless Mondays. Only Sunday is chicken day.  Slowly add fruits to your breakfasts. What you are doing is creating a habit. In 30 days you can create any habit(more on this some other time). Research proves that anything you do repeatedly for 30 days, you have created a habit.
  4.  Focus on enjoyment : The underlying truth is we avoid doing things , when we hate what we do. Find something enjoyable in the activity. Healthy eating : Look for food which you love to eat, Exercise: listen music while you workout, look for a partner. Hard to focus on work? : Take breaks in between. Give yourself reward when you finish a part, like nice cup of tea or  coffee. The idea is to associate your activity with enjoyment.

Whatever you do, you  will slip up sometime. Its ok. Get up, dust yourself, and start all over with step 1 and get going.

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

One thought on “4 things you can do when you lack self discipline”

  1. Anil hudda your this Blog means allot to me. Just two words come in mind. Before i wake up and sleep. Thanks god and focus to see many miles in my life. Keep sharing knowledge and thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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