Birthday Resolution !

Hey Friends !

Its time for birthday resolution. My birthday is around the corner. On my last birthday I decided to become a vegetarian.(Hell I started craving for meat by end of that day itself). I am happy that I made it. except for couple of times I missed it. I lacked will power that time and could not resist aroma and appearance of the dish. But overall I have eliminated option of meat from my food menu.

This does not mean that I am very health conscious or I have super natural will power. It does only mean that now I am a vegetarian.

I can see some of you are asking “How do you feel about it? “. Well, I am feeling good for various reasons.

1) I love vegetables and coincidently God has made vegetables mostly green, which is my favorite color too. God was kind enough to make vegetables more nutritious.

2) I had these idea that whatever I decide, I am not able follow it. So I started making habit to support my decisions. for example, one day I decided not to read hoardings on the road for next 15 minutes while driving. ( They are irresistible, those who have tried surely knows). when I started getting success in my small decisions, I started making big decisions. Like no TV for next one week, Regular walk for next one week, Wake up at 5 am for next 10 days. I was building confidence for myself and I was also creating habit of doing things what I decided to do.

3) Now I feel that I am ready for difficult decisions.

4) By becoming a vegetarian for one full year I feel that now I have more determination and I can choose my next mission.

Birthday is the right time to make resolution. I have few decisions to make. a) Regular exercise b) Practice being in present moment c) Regular meditation and many more. I will decide on one item and make a resolution on my birthday.

Are you lacking determination power? do you have any resolution to make ?

Feel free to share.

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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