Life’ s Good !!

Hey Friends !

LG- Life’s Good 🙂

In last few days found a treasure, literally I feel that. I came across a completely new world which was unknown to me. by Leo, by Derek, and These three gentlemen have changed my mindset. I bought two books (kindle versions) 1) Zen to done and 2) Essays on Minimalists. Both books are eye opener to me.

I have made few changes in my lifestyle in last three days.

1) Being in present :- I knew the concept via “the of power of now” but found new ideas to implement it. I read a lot of OSHO (Mystic) from Leo babauta’s concept of working on one task at a time is helping me. I am now avoiding multitasking. Thank you Leo.

2) Simple lifestyle : What a great idea. sometime we make our own life complicated. for example at work I like to keep control over stuff. Today I have delegated few tasks which I use to do myself. I have made my to do list very simple. erased few un important tasks.

3) Junk : I learned from Joshua and Ryan in The “Minamilists- Essential essays”, that we gather unnecessary stuff everyday. we are surrounded by many unnecessary things. first we spend our valuable time to make money then with that money we keep buying things which we harldy use. The concept of Minimalists is very new to me. but in any case it motivated me to declutter my house. in last three days I gave away three full boxes of clothes, shoes and many other things which was there without any use.

4) Passion of life : Derek ( Severs,org ) What a great guy. he taught me that there is no point in living life if there is no passion in it. “Hell yeah or no “. Do those things which excite you and say no to those for which you have to drag yourself.

I am sure you must be excited for something or other these days.

Feel free to share.

Till then………..

Author: Anil Hudda

Learner, observer, businessman, curious.

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