Shift from full time Job to Entrepreneurship

Hey friends !

To become an entrepreneur is not that difficult as we think it is. This fact is known to me only after I started my own business 4 years back.  I was in full time job for many years. Every time I use to think to leave my  full time job, I use to get sweat and shivers thinking what will happen if I fail ? How will I feed my family if I fail ? 

I am not an expert on “How to create your own business”. I am certainly not advising everyone to leave there full time Job and start their own business. To those who are in full time Job and dreaming to become an Entrepreneur I can give few tips based on my learning during the journey of ” Slow shift from full time job to Entrepreneurship”.

1. Are you sure ? 

Make sure that you really want to become an entrepreneur. There is this urge because someone else is doing it. Do not jump in it unless you are sure of your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. I recommend to read a book “Rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to get more insight on entrepreneurship.  

2. Belief. You will be able to make a successful business or not is mainly dependent on what you believe. If you believe that you can be a successful entrepreneur then you are right. But If you are doubtful of your success in that case too you are right. Do not jump into business till you believe that you can do it ! To know more on how belief system works read the book ” The power of subconscious mind”.

3. Learn

Risk is synonym of uncertainty. When anything is unknown, we feel it is risky to go into it. Business is risky till you do not know what it is. Start learning everything about your business idea. Do lot of research on the idea you have in mind. Ask friends and family. Talk to people who are in similar business. Find out what  is  the trick  to become successful in  similar business. Learn everything you can on your idea of business. Before you start your own business you should know everything about it which is possible to know before doing  it.

4. Equation of the business. :

Equation is a reason or more for any business to sustain. For example, in  a small dense locality there is no grocery shop. There must be big demand from the local resident to have super market nearby.  Usually the gap between demand(needs ) and supply (business) create successful businesses. Look for such gaps. Make sure that you know there is enough gap between demand and supply for any business to sustain for fair  time. Find out the equation.

5. Change your career like Tarzan. 


Derek Severs says “Don’t let go the old one till you get support from the new career “. Do some experiments while you are working in  full time  job, make partnership with someone who is free and can give life to your idea, work from your home after hours to start your business . This will help you to know your business well. There will be less chances of failure if you have already learned the business before you go in full fledge.   

5. Start small     

Starting small will  ensure that even if you make some mistakes it will not give you big losses. Small business is manageable. don’t forget that still you are learning. it will take months and years before you get full confidence of doing big business.

 6. Bigger picture

While you work in full time job, you are doing only certain type of job. When you become entrepreneur, you have to look after the whole business. You should have a helicopter view of all systems and processes of your business. These includes Purchasing, Production, Storage, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, Income tax, Human resources, Administration, Customer service etc.  Learn law of the land. Learn more about each aspect of your business before you jump into it.

While I am saying  that entrepreneurship is not difficult, I am also saying it requires more discipline, commitment, self motivation and due diligence.

I would love to guide you if it is in my capacity. 

Feel free to share.

(I live in Maputo, Mozambique. While I have tried to keep the topic for all, there may be some influence of geographic region on my experience. Please keep in mind such fact.) 




Birthday Resolution !

Hey Friends !

Its time for birthday resolution. My birthday is around the corner. On my last birthday I decided to become a vegetarian.(Hell I started craving for meat by end of that day itself). I am happy that I made it. except for couple of times I missed it. I lacked will power that time and could not resist aroma and appearance of the dish. But overall I have eliminated option of meat from my food menu.

This does not mean that I am very health conscious or I have super natural will power. It does only mean that now I am a vegetarian.

I can see some of you are asking “How do you feel about it? “. Well, I am feeling good for various reasons.

1) I love vegetables and coincidently God has made vegetables mostly green, which is my favorite color too. God was kind enough to make vegetables more nutritious.

2) I had these idea that whatever I decide, I am not able follow it. So I started making habit to support my decisions. for example, one day I decided not to read hoardings on the road for next 15 minutes while driving. ( They are irresistible, those who have tried surely knows). when I started getting success in my small decisions, I started making big decisions. Like no TV for next one week, Regular walk for next one week, Wake up at 5 am for next 10 days. I was building confidence for myself and I was also creating habit of doing things what I decided to do.

3) Now I feel that I am ready for difficult decisions.

4) By becoming a vegetarian for one full year I feel that now I have more determination and I can choose my next mission.

Birthday is the right time to make resolution. I have few decisions to make. a) Regular exercise b) Practice being in present moment c) Regular meditation and many more. I will decide on one item and make a resolution on my birthday.

Are you lacking determination power? do you have any resolution to make ?

Feel free to share.

Life’ s Good !!

Hey Friends !

LG- Life’s Good 🙂

In last few days found a treasure, literally I feel that. I came across a completely new world which was unknown to me. by Leo, by Derek, and These three gentlemen have changed my mindset. I bought two books (kindle versions) 1) Zen to done and 2) Essays on Minimalists. Both books are eye opener to me.

I have made few changes in my lifestyle in last three days.

1) Being in present :- I knew the concept via “the of power of now” but found new ideas to implement it. I read a lot of OSHO (Mystic) from Leo babauta’s concept of working on one task at a time is helping me. I am now avoiding multitasking. Thank you Leo.

2) Simple lifestyle : What a great idea. sometime we make our own life complicated. for example at work I like to keep control over stuff. Today I have delegated few tasks which I use to do myself. I have made my to do list very simple. erased few un important tasks.

3) Junk : I learned from Joshua and Ryan in The “Minamilists- Essential essays”, that we gather unnecessary stuff everyday. we are surrounded by many unnecessary things. first we spend our valuable time to make money then with that money we keep buying things which we harldy use. The concept of Minimalists is very new to me. but in any case it motivated me to declutter my house. in last three days I gave away three full boxes of clothes, shoes and many other things which was there without any use.

4) Passion of life : Derek ( Severs,org ) What a great guy. he taught me that there is no point in living life if there is no passion in it. “Hell yeah or no “. Do those things which excite you and say no to those for which you have to drag yourself.

I am sure you must be excited for something or other these days.

Feel free to share.

Till then………..

Dr Edo Shonin

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